WPC & BPC decking


One of the main components of Wood and Bamboo Composite Decking is wood and bamboo flour. Using modern biological technology, bamboo/wood powder and recycled PE are mixed into a new material called wood/bamboo-polymer-composite.

The boards consist of appr. 60% wood/bamboo flour to 30% recycled polyethylene and 10% of additives (including adhesion promoters, UV protection additives and color pigments).

Some of its amazing features are:

  • wide range of beautiful colours
  • easy to maintain
  • no splinters
  • absence of formaldehyde
  • does not emit any radiation
  • can be recycled into new products
  • contains natural fibres
  • strong anti-UV performance
  • great thermal expansion and contraction performance
  • FSC certification on BPC products

Warranty: 10 year on WPC/BPC decking, 15 years on co-extruded WPC/BPC decking.


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